Throughout New Jersey, we’ve maintained the best prices and the best tire recycling and disposal methods for decades. We are also environmentally conscious with solid-waste tire disposal and recycling. For any junk tires, our haul-away service is the best in the state.

Affordable Tire Recycling & Disposal Haul-Away Service

With all the problems with waste and scrap tire build up throughout New Jersey and the nation, it’s important to be environmentally conscious for recycling and disposal of junk tires. At Tire Management, we've offered responsible tire recycling service for nearly twenty years, and best of all, our haul-away disposal service is the best price you'll find anywhere in New Jersey.

The Best Tire Recycling & Disposal Service in New Jersey

The Best Tire Recycling & Disposal Service in New Jersey

Tire Management is Northern New Jersey's leading tire recycling and disposal provider, as well as throughout Westchester and Rockland County, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

We can quickly help you with the disposal of your old tires using environmentally conscious methods, so you’ll be confident our methods are legal and safe; you can breathe easy knowing you won’t be responsible for any fees later. We are also fully insured, and our ten-truck fleet helps us provide the most efficient service to our clients, utilizing the latest GPS technology. With such a large fleet, you can be sure you're getting the best price around.

We've been in business since 1999, so we have the experience to make sure the process goes smooth, the waste tires are taken care of properly and safely, and you get the best price around, anywhere in New Jersey; plus peace of mind knowing it was all taken care of the right way, every single time.

Most Affordable Tire Recycling & Disposal Prices

Most Affordable Tire Recycling & Disposal Prices

Why recycle your tires with Tire Management in New Jersey? First, we are the leading tire recycling and disposal facility in the state. With ten trucks on the road, Tire Management is the number one recycling and disposal service in New Jersey, by far, and for a reason: our rates are always the most affordable.

After more than twenty years, no one in New Jersey can match the amount of tires we recycle and dispose of. We haul away tons of tires every week, and that lets us offer the lowest prices around, and by a significant margin. Our competitive pricing isn’t the only reason we’re number one in the New Jersey, although it certainly helps. Since 1999, we’ve worked hard to provide quick and convenient service, while being conscious of the environment, so we care about the recycling and disposal methods we use.

If you have unsightly junk tires that you need to get rid of, we'll haul them away for you the right way every time, we guarantee it.

Tire Recycling & Disposal

Environmentally Safe Tire Recycling & Disposal

At Tire Management, we’re an environmentally safe tire recycling and disposal facility. New Jersey estimates that 8.4 million scrap tires are generated each year, right here in our state.

This constant influx of more scrap tires can cause a huge problem to the environment, and even public health, if not properly taken care of. We take great steps to ensure that our methods of tire recycling and disposal are done legally and safely. In other words, we follow the law.

If you let someone haul away your tires without following the law, you could be on the hook for huge fines. You may as well dump your tires in the ocean — which may well be what a fly-by-night hauling company does with them. We recycle and dispose of your waste tires responsibly, leaving you confident in our services.

The Best Tire Recycling & Disposal Service in New Jersey

For the lowest pricing on tire recycling or haul-away disposal service anywhere in New Jersey, contact Tire Management today. We're always happy to answer any questions you have about waste tire disposal and recycling, or to discuss your various options.